100% Polyester wonderful color effect new magic fission stretch 100% polyester fabric

Short Description:

Model: ZM00163

Material: 100% POLYESTER

Yarn Count: 600D*600D

Density: 53*30

Weight: 215GSM

Type: Woven Fabric

Style: Plain

Feature: P/D Waterproof Windproof

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Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, so it is suitable for outdoor products such as outerwear, various bags and tents.Polyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability. Therefore, it is firm and durable, wrinkle resistant and iron free 2 Polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, stuffy and hot feeling when wearing. At the same time, it is easy to carry static electricity and dirt, which affects its beauty and comfort. However, it is easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength hardly decreases and does not deform. It has good washability and wearability. 3. Polyester is the blood material with the best heat resistance in synthetic fabrics. It has only heat resistance. It can be made into pleated skirts with long pleating. At the same time, polyester fabric has poor fusion resistance and is easy to form holes in case of soot and sparks. Therefore, try to avoid the contact of cigarette butts, sparks, etc. 4. The light resistance of polyester fabric is better. Except that it is worse than acrylic fiber, its light resistance is better than that of natural fiber fabric. Especially in the back of the glass, the sun resistance is very good, which is almost different from that of acrylic fiber.

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We supply 7 *24 hours online technology support.
Online consultation customer service 24 hours.

Support customer customization.
Support for free samples available.

Polyester wonderful color effect new magic fission stretch1

Product Advantages

Waterproof not easy to fade,

Color fastness up to grade 4,

Waterproof top 5,

The water pressure can reach 15000mm.

Polyester wonderful color effect new magic fission stretch2

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