Cleaning method of nylon bag

In the process of buying a bag, the first thing we pay attention to is the fabric of the bag, because the bag is a very practical object in daily life, and the fabric of the bag is also directly related to the practicability of the schoolbag. Therefore, many people will ask whether the bag is nylon or Oxford? How should nylon bags be cleaned when they are dirty?Nylon and Oxford are two different substances. Nylon is a kind of material and a kind of synthetic fiber. Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric, which contains polyester, nylon, cotton, acrylic, aramid and so on. Nylon and Oxford cloth are particularly good at water resistance and wear resistance, but Oxford cloth will be heavier than nylon, because nylon is a light textile. The cloth is gentle and lightweight while wearing resistance. Therefore, if you want to choose a lightweight bag suitable for long-distance travel, it is recommended to choose nylon fabric. Oxford cloth has strong extensibility and resilience and high hardness. As a backpack, it has strong wrinkle resistance, strong and durable. It is easier to clean than nylon and is not prone to deformation. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a computer bag, which can well protect the internal parts from damage.Cleaning and antifouling properties of nylon The cross-sectional shape of the fiber and the antifouling treatment of the back channel affect these two properties. The strength and hardness of the fiber itself have little effect on cleaning and antifouling.

If the nylon bag is dirty, you can wet the water with a cloth and then scrub it with clean water. If the cleaning effect cannot be achieved, you can wipe it with cotton dipped in alcohol, because alcohol can dissolve the oil stain and leave no trace after the alcohol volatilizes. Therefore, if the nylon bag is dirty, you can wipe it with alcohol.

Post time: May-30-2022