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Company Culture

Suzhou Peace & Harvest Industrial (P&H) was founded in 2010 as the reputed circular fabric manufacturer in Suzhou China, which specialized in the production of functional fabric. As a global supplier for several well-known clients with demanding in functional woven fabrics.

From years of collaboration between P& H and its partners, we have built up an intimate relationship founded upon trust, honesty and integrity; our business has grown in tandem and seen continuous improvements. Today, our customers come from all over the world, and we work together and forge ahead with purpose.

P&H positively looks forward to new customers joining hands with us.


GRS Partner

Recycle and Eco-friendly have been popular topics in textile industry for many years, and our value customer request us to provide more recycle products to support their mission.

P&H always stands with our customers, and bring the newest products to them is what we always do.

For elevating ourselves and supporting our clients, P&H got GRS approval this year. It means we could guarantee our product are all made from recycle raw material from the beginning of production. We are not only delivering the concept, but also fulfilling it with our value customers.

Moreover, our dyeing mill and office are devoted to being environmentally friendly which certified with GRS. We have been certificated with GRS and OEKO-TEX over 5 years, and renew the certification every year. Join the Eco-friendly family means P&H promises the products would never use restricted substance during production. The apparel made from our fabric is no worry to wear and also could be eco-friendly.

Our mission is to reduce the hassle of apparel manufacturers and apparel brands looking for polyester and nylon fabrics

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