20D 380T Pu Coated Ripstop 100% Nylon Strong tear fastness Paraglider And Parachute Fabric

Short Description:

Material: 100% Nylon 

Yarn Count: 15D*15D

Density: 216*165

Weight: 32GSM

Width: 57/58″

Type: Woven Fabric

Style: Plain

Authentication: SGS, AATCC

Package: Chinese-style woven bags

Feature: Down proof, Water proof, other.

Model Number: QY00010003

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Nylon, like polyester, has excellent wear resistance. It is not easy to be damaged and washable after being made into clothing. Nylon will not shrink if it is worn and cleaned normally. Secondly, the elasticity of nylon is much better than that of polyester, ranking first among synthetic fibers, which can be used in the production of swimsuits. Nylon itself has good moisture absorption, so clothes will have a good degree of comfort after wearing, and will not feel stuffy and hot. Some ski clothes and casual clothes are made of nylon. After that, nylon can be mass produced and the cost is low. Whether it is fabric or product, its price will be much lower than that of cotton.

Nylon 66 is mainly used to produce civil silk, industrial silk, carpet silk, etc. nylon 66 has more advantages in color fastness and elasticity, and is more suitable for outdoor sports, yoga clothes and other products. Nylon 66 has the advantages of high melting point and greasy feel. It is more suitable for manufacturing heat-resistant and strain resistant products and high-grade clothing fabrics. At the same time, due to its tight crystallization and high density, it can effectively prevent down from drilling out. It is suitable for down jackets, down quilts, etc.

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We Provide

We supply 7 *24 hours online technology support.
Online consultation customer service 24 hours.

Support customer customization.
Support for free samples available.

Outdoor Down Jacke1

Product Advantages

Waterproof not easy to fade,

Color fastness up to grade 4,

Waterproof top 5,

The water pressure can reach 15000mm.

Outdoor Down Jacke2
tear fastness Paraglider And Parachute Fabric01
tear fastness Paraglider And Parachute Fabric02
tear fastness Paraglider And Parachute Fabric03

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